17-Year Old Kills Step-Father in Defense of his Mother
Posted March 8, 2014 by kgasradio |   

Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake says his office has made no final determinations into the shooting death of Leonard Digiliormo, 43, who was shot and killed by his 17-year-old step son, Koby Michael Yoder, on Wednesday evening following a domestic dispute in the River Hill community.

Lake told KGAS News during a Friday morning interview that his office is taking criticism from both families involved in the case, but they are doing their job gathering evidence.

“We’ve received a little criticism from both sides on maybe the charge was too much, or maybe the charge wasn’t enough. Ya know, it’s never easy to keep everybody happy, but our job is not to make the law, but to enforce the law,” said Sheriff Lake. “We as law enforcement officers are evidence gatherers, and we gather the evidence along with the Criminal District Attorney’s office and we turn the evidence over to them for completion in the investigation.”

Sheriff Lake told us the case will go before the Panola County Grand Jury.

“The case will go before a Grand Jury for the Grand Jury to decide what happens. We are not the guilt or innocence, we collect the evidence and we enforce the law and that is what we have done in this case. We will continue to work on this, we are putting a lot of hours into this to make sure everything is done correctly, and to make sure the complete story is told,” said Lake. “The thing that we would ask the public to do is pray for both these families, because it’s a tragedy on both sides.”

The fatal shooting is under investigation, and some news outlets are reporting Yoder was defending his mother from a domestic abuse situation at the time of the shooting.

Sheriff Lake told us Yoder was booked into the Panola County Detention Center Thursday on a murder charge and has since been freed on $25,000 bond.

The KGAS News Team of Blake Holland, Mark Bownds, and Ashli Acker Dansby will continue to bring you the latest on this ongoing story.